Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Speak out on the Whatcom Comprehensive Plan and the Cherry Point UGA

These are important dates for those of you who want to have a say about the many aspects of the Comprehensive Plan that will heavily impact our lands, air and water. 
More importantly, this is the opportunity to tell the Whatcom County Council to address the Cherry Point UGA in terms of the survival of the Cherry Point Aquatic Marine Reserve and to support Lummi Nation's request to preserve Sacred Lands and Waters.

On January 25th, RE Sources will be holding a Whatcom Comprehensive Plan Commenting Workshop 
 in the Social Hall at BUF starting at 6:30 pm.  The hearing itself will be in the Whatcom County Council Chambers on January 26th at 6:30 pm.

From RE Sources:  

The Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan will determine the future of our community -- everything from whether your drinking water is protected by critical habitats along shorelines to whether struggling aquatic reserves are sited a massive fossil fuel export hub at Cherry Point.

We need your voice to be heard. Now is the time to speak out. There will only be two public hearings before the Whatcom County Council, your elected government, and they need to hear from you that protecting our community is critically important. 

Your voice can help defend the land, the air and the water for future generations -- but only if you speak out now.

The Comprehensive Plan is required by state law and determines how our community is to address future proposed development in our community. It is a critical opportunity where the County Council will define whether we continue to leave our doors open to dirty and dangerous fossil fuel megaprojects or if commit to a clean energy future that preserves our waters, air, and climate for future generations instead.

Your voice is essential at this public hearing. The County Council needs to know that our community is ready to move forward -- not just to close the door on coal and oil export projects for good, but also to bring about a sustainable, equitable, and healthy future for our local economy.

Please join us in asking the County Council to end the non-stop assault of fossil fuel exports!

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