Monday, February 15, 2016

Tom Goldtooth at Lummi!

4:44 pm: 'THE EARTH IS ALIVE' SCREENING 29min. Documentary Video that was presented in Paris

5:13 pm: DINNER Welcoming • Table Song Blessing • Dinner

6:24 pm: WITNESSES & WORK Calling of Witnesses • Explaination of evening events/schedule

Lummi Youth Ambassadors Presentations of their visit to COP21 • Paris, France • UN World Conference on Climate Change • Slideshow • Video • Lummi Youth Ambassadors • Matthew Jefferson • Teralynn Gaona • Nickolasa Revey • Richard Jefferson • Ashlee Lucero • Alexa Jefferson • Alex Phair • Miko Hillaire • Salena Phair Wilson • Kia George • Freddie Lane • Deborah Parker • Becky Kinley • Derek Kawakone • Angela Gaona-Turner • Darrell Hillaire (Producer: The Earth is Alive) 

7:22 pm: INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK, Key Note Address: Tom Goldtooth, IEN Executive Director

8:02 pm: Welcoming attendees to share Testimony, Love & Questions to Tom Goldtooth

8:31 pm: WITNESSES share their words of what they witnessed tonight


FYI: Tom Goldtooth keynote address at the Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium, November 5, 2015, “The Paris Climate Accord: Will it be a Crime Against Humanity and Mother Earth?” Speaks about the upcoming COP21 talks in Paris in December.  This is a long, almost 2 hours, but the most powerful presentation about instructions given to Native Peoples and how they are connected to the earth as related to Climate and Global Warming and how they want to FLIP the discussion about it. MOVEMENT OF INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE

Tom was co-awarded the Gandhi Peace Award in 2015.  Award recipients in other years have been: Bill McKibben, Amy Goodman, Dennis Kucinich, Ramsey Clark, George McGovern, Marian Wright Edelman, Cesar Chavezetc..  The first award in 1960 was awarded to Eleanor Roosevelt.

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